Thursday, July 29, 2010


so .. after week of feeling like shit and over dosing on meds my house looks like a bomb hit it and i think my laundry pile is evolving its very own eco system (seriously with the extra bedding i went through with the fevers this pile looks fit to rival mount Everest, and i generally hand wash this shit arrrrgh) .. no way i can tackle everything before i head off to see the kids

got half a mind to flip things around for once... you know how sons always have a bag of laundry when they visit their mum's ... seriously thinking bout taking few cases laundry to sons house ;-)

am done with the antibiotics course thankfully (though i think i kinda messed up with several accidental double doses, fucking memory's a bloody pain in the arse at times) .. but alas as all you women out there know some times antibiotics leave ya with a rather embarrassing itch... should make the 12 hour bus trip bloody interesting lol.. damn i hope thats abated by then

cough not exactly gone but some of the worst crap is eased a lot, im all excited and would be raring to go if werent fer fact i still have to pack... which means mounting an expedition into the laundry mountain arrrrrrrgh


  1. Safe your son's house and also through that mountain of laundry!

  2. I was actually thinking of cleaning my room today. I've woefully neglected it for, oh, 2 and half months...>.>

    -French Bean

  3. thanking thee kate ;-)
    lol bean if its waited that long a little longer wont make a differance ;-)

  4. You should get a chat box for your blog. It's the easiest way to get feedback, and it attracts lots of followers.

    I'm still checking in.

  5. im new to all this blogging stuff not even sure bout how to add chat box on this thing.. though i might be able to guess ... cant say as i know where to get a chat program that would work here though, unless they have one and i over looked it