Wednesday, July 21, 2010


k so here are my thoughts on my thyroid mass in connection to bipolar
years back i got cervical cancer

(i just cant get over how pretty they are)

we solved that problem but since the crap with the cervix tumors mass's growths polyps nodes nodules and cysts have been popping up like daisys

(Wid0w, Wid0w quite contrary how does your body grow... with mass's and growths.. polyps and nodes... and pretty cyst all in a row)

(non of them cancerous i hasten to add)
any way .. so since i got the thyroid node/nodule/growth

(iv lost track of what the hell they call which occurrence where)

the oddest thing has coincided... my bipolar has eased off down to less than half of what it was

whooo hoooo for the depressive side of things .. but damn i miss the highs.

now lets be clear on this .. i was one of those medication resistant types... i.e most the dammed meds on the market did bugger all for the bipolar and just left me feeling like hell... with the exception of lithium, when i first tried that it worked... unfortunately no one told me what it was like to "not" have bipolar and i thought waking up happy was a sign of insanity

and it scared the crap out of me so i threw them away...

next time we tried lithium it alas did not have the same effect.

now at first i thought it was the adrenal gland mass (because when it decides to go nuts i get the strangest fake panic attack sensations, which i thought could mean it could effect mood or certainly at least agitation) but the more i look into things the more likely i think its the thyroid one thats causing the change as their is already certain dr's and scientists that are beginning to connect/research thyroid function in respect to bipolar

There is a direct connection between thyroid disorder and bipolar symptoms but it has never been clearly determined what that connection is and why the thyroid hormones cause bipolar actions. The symptoms are similar since hyperthyroidism mimics bipolar behavior.

whilst im pretty certain that gaining a growth in the thyroid will never become a popular "cure" (any more so than my realization that the cancer was a damned effective weight loss aid) i do find the whole thing rather curiously interesting so i thought i would share

i also think the new information on the link offers a tantalizing hint at the possibility of a "real" cure at some point in the future

now what would be a really interesting follow up (now that im back doing the whole dr crap) would be to see what happens if they decide to remove it
(although i think for now im inclined to keep it)


  1. I get migraine and major cluster headaches and funnily sine I found an antidepresant that actually works for me I don't get them anymore. Ocassional normal headache is all I've had since, it definitely makes life easier. I had tried to see if there was a link between migraine and bipolar but haven't found much.

  2. stress can cause migrains .. bipolar causes stress .. wouldnt that be the link? glad theyve eased a bit for you