Monday, July 26, 2010


things are getting kinda cluttered on here with everything seeming to spread further and further away from bipolar... but as one commenter pointed out .. in a way because i have bipolar every topic i decide to alight on is in some way connected to the main subject of bipolar... even the music/ poetry/ just for fun or even simply my thoughts on things pages, are intrinsically linked to bipolar... how i cope with it, how it colors or doesnt color my views or perceptions.

that being said things are still getting kinda messy so after having a blog for just over a week (lol) i find i need to spring clean already, i think as i reorganize things i shall add little explanations of how each is relevant and/or how useful a tool it is in regards to bipolar.

alas this means, im guessing, that as i move sections around or add them to different pages im going to lose some comments that have been posted WHhaaa  

whilst im doing this reorganizing it would be great time for any one who would be kind enough to offer tips suggestions or advise on how to improve things even more, lay out idea's, topic idea's, and so on... pointers on where i go wrong are handy too i am after all a total newbie


  1. Widow, it takes a little while to get your footing in the blogger world. You are doing just fine. Don't worry about blogging for anyone other than yourself.

  2. Amber is right. This is your space. While layout and accessibility are important, content is the most important aspect. So write and people will read. Also, enjoy it!

  3. was going to say as far as my own crap i pretty much do write fer myself was just the bipolar info bit was really wanting to ensure was just right kinda thing .. but yea guess yer right