Wednesday, July 21, 2010

just me

so ...
im not usually into doing these "personal" day to day hum drum posts but sod it
i can latter blame the meds if i decide it was just way to stupid a move to post

as any one reading this probably knows im throwing cough meds (prescribed and other wise) down my throat as fast and as much as i possibly can in an effort to get rid of it before the 30th when im going to visit my boys for two weeks .... so i need this damn cough to piss the hell off

any way im pretty damned sure some one at the chemist mixed my antibiotics script up with some ones suppository script because these things are bloody huge,
 (they might actually of been prescribed for a horse)

im not actually sure how effective the treatment is going because the dizziness/nausea might well be either a result of the infection or way too much cough mix............
either way the buzz is at least fun


here i am with a sodding cough
hoping to hell
it'll bugger off

with syrup aplenty
to sooth the rasp

but do these capsules
go in mouth

any way isnt this meant to be a bipolar blog?
sod it im too depressed to care (thats my story and im sticking to it ;-) nice tie in though dont you think?)

on a side note ... W.T.F is with verification for comments
"The characters you entered didn't match the word verification. Please try again"
i think the Internet is just trying to screw with my head

any way as i was saying at some point earlier before i went totaly off track (or was it off the rails) on the 30th i get to see my boys whoo hooo... ill be staying with son number 2 and his new lass, ill need pretend to be relativly sane so as not to scare the poor thing.
(i just love that pic its so me)

i secretly think this might be a totally useless effort cuz im guessing she will see right through any pretence at sanity what do you reckon?

hmmm is there any point to me doing these more "personal blogs" styling's
or should i just shut the hell up and climb back into my web?


  1. I like the personal blogs. You do what feels best in the moment.

  2. you like reading or like writing them? or both?

    i guess im bit concerned with things getting to cluttered if i do too many "personal" ones .. well that i guess and the insecurity of being too open lol

  3. A bipolar blog? Surely anything you write as a bipolar person is related so day to day personal life things are still the day to day personal life of a person with bipolar. Or something? I liked it, love the poem!

  4. i guess you have a point there .. im glad you liked ;-) lol the poem only goes to show what some bloody good meds can do ;-)