Friday, September 24, 2010

why redirected?

figured my main blog was was getting a little "cluttered" so decided to start "chopping" it up into little bits dealing with the separate issues... that way you guys can "follow" only the bits your interested in
my "main blog"
dedicated to bipolar... and my life in general
 (and currently is where most my followers are)

my "poetry blog" just what it says on the label ;-)
or my

"arts and crafts blog"  dealing with ... surprise surprise arts crafts and anything in my life dealing with such matters


  1. 1,823 followers, huh... popular you be...;-)

  2. lol not popular yoda .. i think they look on it as watching a train wreck ;-)

  3. I dont look at it that way. I just recently found your blog and I find it interesting but not a train wreck. I am bi-polar also so perhaps that is why.

  4. awww thank you sweety ... im afraid im a terribly inconsistent blogger i keep getting lost in painting and forgetting to blog ;-) or not realizing time passing and suddenly realizing its been two weeks or so since my last blog lol
    on the bright side it does mean im not going to over populate my blogg with prolific dross ;-) and its fairly easy to stay current on my crap ;-)