Wednesday, September 15, 2010

more insanity


as you know iv been kinda lost within the realms of painting

being bipolar this means iv got several underway and i pretty much hop between them all
bit here bit there... variously enjoying my self, and totally trashing the house
(no not out of temper tantrums when one doesnt go the way i want, just general mess with paint cans drop cloths and so forth which im too busy painting to pick up,)

the "living room" is currently in the process of being buried under several "drying" canvases....
the "dinning area" is basically covered in a giant drop cloth and looks like a bad accident in a paint factory

ahhh but the bed room is clear i hear you say? well no, i live in an efficiency apartment
(i like the price and generally when im not painting its small enough for me to keep moderately tidy no matter how my health is on any given week),
we do though have a bedroom sized alcove  .. however i ran out of floor and table space so currently the bed is also drop clothed and im sprawled across it painting "fine detail"


whoo hoo yea im one of the few woman thats actually had stephen fry in bed with her :-) well on the bed at least..

and if that werent enough..... due to the fact im

1 a hermit,
2 its just my latest victim and me here,
3 paint is pain in the ass or impossible to get out of clothes
4 ok 3 is just an excuse cuz i just like padding about my place nude.... but 3 it still is kinda valid

5 ohh and my new great excuse our A/C is busted

any way that all means not only do i got stephen fry in/on bed with me but i be only in my birthday suit too .... poor fella lol

(just as well he dont read this... poor sod would be blushing to his roots ;-) )

nude with stephen is ok ...

but ...
nude with "portrait of pain" not so hot....

(still have some ways to go on this yet)
you see... this particular one requires mini barbed wire,

 which i constructed sitting cross legged on my bed.... however there was a bit of bad news......
im kinda absent minded so i kinda laid it aside then promptly forgot where

good news .... i found it

bad news ..... as barbed wire, mini or not, it really really works well .. "ouch"

so i can really accurately report that making mini barbed wire is in fact a pain in the ass
and i have the punctures and scratches to prove it


having poured my heart and soul and many, many, (wo)man hours into

the paintings im working on now ... such as ..,

please bear in mind these are works in progress

as well of course as the main (kinda when i can b bothered) project of
yea hes not looking so hot again .. ohh well
i will fix him

any way i decided after all the frustrating heart felt hours of painting to "mess around"
with a foil technique
which was simply tearing up foil slapping it on a board, and then throwing torn up tissue over it, then messing about with some pastel and varnish.. 
closer to kinder garden than high art lol

kinda no brainer quickly, lets pass time and give the brain a rest, just have fun, sorta thing

anyway including the time spent a drying couple hours of messing resulted in ...


which my latest victim quickly proclaimed as his favourite "piece" that i was working on


hours and hours of blood, sweat, tears, frustration spent on the others
meaning hidden in every weave of the canvas,every careful application of the paint, the shading
thought out from every angle, and the care in the composition

and yer favourite is ....
the trash left over from making from last weeks turkey, and the contents of shoebox


what can i say
lmbo ...

nah im glad he likes it but sheeese lol
times i just want to pack up my paints and call it a draw on art (no pun intended)


After flogging myself over the fact i hated the direction stephens pic was going
i pretty much reworked the entire facial paint layer using oil paint and pastel
then blending them in

this resulted in this.....

p.s ..
no i wasnt reenacting g a scene from the da vinci code and breaking out the barbed wire from earlier,
i was purely and only mentally flogging myself and howling at my own inadequacy's... i think it did the trick though i figure its improved vastly


  1. Mm. It's always the technical details that make things a little more challenging. ;-)

    With your talent, I'm sure you shall be able to do it, my dear Widow!

    -Barb the French Bean

  2. judging from way it dug into me and scrached me up when i "found" it i guess i was able too ;-)

    is this where we make bad puns about small prick's and @$$'s in bed?

  3. Art is pain :0)

    I love your jigsaw foil piece, it speaks to me. I really like your bard wire nude too but my favourite is the bleak tree picture.

    Just wondering do you paint mostly when you are manic or is it constant. If it is constant do you have different styles between mania, depression and "normal"?

  4. got to admit i like the woods too ... well periodically at least .... i like what it might become should the muse assist me (it will i think become one of my core pieces)

    in so far as painting in regards to bipolar ... im at my most creative in the deep depression (most my show winners have resulted from paintings designed at the very least, if not painted in a depression) how ever .. im at my most productive in a mania .. (starting many, many, many pieces and occasionally even finishing several) .. but most of the ones i design in mania are rather frivolous

    have been toying with the idea of getting bk up off my arse and getting back to selling some my stuff and actually the two you picked out of this set are the most likely to actually make it through to that side of things if/when i go ahead with that .. the woods (on the art side) because its a piece i can replicate with out an overwhelming desire to chuck myself off the nearest tall building
    and the jigsaw (on the pretty's side) because its a very efficient technique
    was also thinking the fairy (ethereal myst) but possibly done with the same foil technique of the jigsaw)

    shame i moved 1000 miles from the last gallery i was a member of huh lol ... guess ill have to start from scratch again siiiiiiiiiiigh

  5. P.s .... if you want to do foil jigsaw one your self its really easy... baking foil... tissue paper .. clear varnish ... just tear into random shapes apply to board with the clear varnish, apply torn tissue over the varnish...

    set it aside to dry

    then you can either...

    mix little bit of paint, or pastel in with some clear varnish so that its slightly tinted and splotch paint it randomly over the foil....


    you can rub pastel over your now dry varnished foil board, then simply apply a clear coat of more varnish over the top....

    i painted the black outline of the jigsaw but you could i guess use marker pen