Thursday, September 8, 2011

so yep im bloody awful at updating this thing, i really really got to try harder huh  

things got hectic here again

with a kinda mixed bag of news


he got cleared for work after the spinal injury

BOO (hoo)

 two days into new job he had a mini stroke and crashed the car

he was uninjured (shame cant say same thing about the car)

BOO (hoo)  
the mini strokes kept happening

they have at least slowed down now

drs say they are not connected to the spinal injury, got to wonder about the timing though that was the first time he was back into hard graft and boom, thankfully there is very little damage resulting from them, his attention deficit seems to be increased but that could just be stress, fine motor function (on him not the car) seems intact (unlike the car which is now kaput)

so where was i ...


they found more masses in my thyroid
that decreases the chances that they are malignant
BOO (hoo and AARRGGG owwwww)
had a biopsy
mini boo,
bugger the solids are floating in liquid so they kept floating away from needle after several passes and consulting with the path lab between each try we gave up

YAY HEY YAHOO... son number 1 sprung a surprise flying visit on me :-)

i got one of my paintings into a cultural festival art show, (juried event)
had barely made it through the door when i was approached by one of the organisers
(hadn't even officially signed it in) she was wanting to buy it

i forgot to take final photo of how it looked
but heres an earlier shot of it (whilst i was working on it)

i got thoroughly reprimanded about under pricing it .. and reprimanded even more when i justified price by pointing out the flaws in it (reprimands were of course in the nicest possible way)


  1. you may not be up and down right now but your life surely is. I am sorry for your troubles and happy for your "yays"

  2. :-) lol thanking thee .. things seem to be calming down a bit now he starts a new job in the morning so yet another yay :-)