Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my own thoughts on a news story

you decide

A concerned would be father with a message of pro life?

or a creepy act of an obsessive stalker that sett's a dangerous precedence?

the message
"this would of been a picture of me holding my 2 month old baby
if the mother had not decided to kill it"

could be seen as a haunting message for pro life

except for the fact that the man in question
has admitted that he was told that the mother in
question (Nani) had had a miscarriage

he states that he has his doubts

in my own opinion doubts are fine but i would of though you needed actual proof before you could so publicly accuse some one of Killing anyone or anything

the claim is that this billboard is not aimed at

and that the acronym N.A.N.I
(national association of needed information)
was not an attempt of vindictiveness or persecution
of Nani

as of yet i have not seen any reporting done
on the opinion of Nani
 or on whether or not she believes
"created for N.A.N.I"
was an attempt to persecute herself
(herself being Nani)

i can say with out a measure of a doubt though
that had my controlling abusive stalker husband
started an organization
with the acronym

i would pretty much assume it was aimed at me (Tracey)

and i can only say that i am glad he is not around to see this
otherwise he would of added this tactic to his arsenal
of isolation, persecution, retribution, harassment and assault

and there is the rub
as they say

how many other abusive ex's are out there reading this story in news papers and on line
and realising 

"this guy can do this with out arrest"
"without any retribution"
"no penalties, no fines, no jail time" 

the fact that the "man" in question
has been given two weeks to take the poster down
 is merely telling all those abusers that
this type of behaviour is acceptable


  1. That's scary! It's not nice to judge, but I think he might be missing a few marbles.

  2. lol doxie
    and yes fer sure raine

  3. if not true, this is libel, isn't it?

  4. you would of thought so huh