Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanks Giving part one

so this post is a fairly serious topic today but i shall endeavour to be as light hearted as possible under the circumstances ....

as some of ya might know my latest victims a truck driver
usually he drive's straight trucks or flat beds,
he can drive the more traditional tractor trailer types but generally has confidence problems so avoids them like the plague

this company though decided they wanted him on the big ass dump trucks. even after he explained how nervous he was with them
.. so ..
things were going really well
the company was supportive, understanding and patient.. they really did encourage him, and reassuring him that he was doing well

he's been working nights, me being nocturnal its been kinda handy fer me, though hell fer him
(though his last job was nights too so he was kinda acclimatized)

bout week ago he got phone call from a certain someone
 "ohh iv not heard from you in a while and was wanting to know if you had lost your job yet"
... am i alone in thinking WTF ...
way to go with encouragement
gee i wonder where my latest victims confidence problems come from lol

any way thankfully my latest victim didn't let this shake him
(not visibly at least)

and things continued going well at work

right up till early a.m thanks giving morning

long before sunrise i got a panicked phone call from a stranger telling me my latest victims truck had turned over and was currently residing in a ditch
the stranger had helped my fella out of the truck, and phoned for help
 the paramedics were now tending him but every one was unsure as of yet which hospital he was getting taken to

(many thanks to this stranger who stopped to help, i wish there was some way to repay them)

as you can imagine the cold ice hand of terror started grabbing at me

this (not) masked man did try passing the phone to my latest victim but as you can imagine the conversation was not too coherent nor reassuring ... between howls of pain he slurred that he was hurting but fine,
(fine??? w.t.f ?? so screaming mid word perfectly normal huh its along the lines of a nervous tic is it???? or perhaps sudden onset of touretts syndrome?? )

any way he went on to say the truck bed which had been locked down had decided to raise up mid transit... (i guess that's what happens when you mistake viagra fer hydraulic fluid)
and the truck had flipped after hitting cables

all he can remember is sparks ... but hes fine

(so by now im getting horrific flashes through my mind like this)
(or worse)

so were talking about ya narrowly missing being fucking electrocuted??? but yer fine though huh .. ohh sweet cool some one give me a fucking valium

after some more screams he tells me hes going to phone me when he gets to what ever hospital they decide to take him to, but hes fine so don't worry....
seeing that by this time he was slurring and kinda fading/rambling so bad I've got to say i wasn't that reassured

phone gets handed back to our noble hero stranger, who then asks if I'm ok .. aww wasn't that sweet of him ... of course my own personal feelings at the time were .. to hell with how I'm feeling how is my fella, really, does he look bad ..
(do i really want to know if he does look bad right now .. would it help to know?)


the company hes with has a no phones at work policy ... the passer by had phoned fer ambulance/paramedics what ever they bloody call them here... but no police had been called at that point.. truck has no qual com unit so guessing company didn't know

mental rush around the house to find number of company to inform them, not that i knew much but i could at least tell them there had been an accident go look fer yer truck.
really beyond listening to how supportive they were to him on switch to big trucks and listening to him recount the daily on the site accidents or breakdowns (involving others not him) i hadn't paid that much attention to company details .. like fer instance

fucking phone numbers .. or bloody boss's names... or even fucking location.. so now I'm kicking myself and tearing the place up looking fer a business card or wage slip or something anything. meanwhile waiting nervously for a phone call from him telling me where he is...

 finally i think to look at preprogrammed list of numbers in the phone .. well yea duhhh (i really wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box that night)... ohh lookie a number that hes listed as work ... duhhh .. of course though theres no damned answer there.. but i do spot a name on his list that i recognise from him talking about work ... lets hope they are still on the same shift ... there not ... ooops really sorry to call you before sun up but .....

there that jobs done.. fella said he'd pass the info on to the company for me, and he at least had the correct numbers.

I'm shaking like a leaf by now but still got crap to do so lets put of the nervous fucking break down fer now and try and push all these horrible images out of the mind

still no call from him .. what if hes passed out before he gets there, i know paramedics got his name so fuck it ill start phoning around the hospitals myself, i don't know the system over here i don't know if they will call me when he gets booked in ..

first hospital i call i get put on to hold... with those bloody automated messages "thank you for your patience" ... hmm is it only me or could they of thought that message through a bit better, being a hospital that could be taken the wrong way

third hospital i call I'm getting kinda frantic when they say nope no accident victims brought in tonight... so ... "could you tell me please though, when some one gets brought in... is it common policy in the states to phone the next of kin" ... answer from them "ohhh only if they are dead on arrival" ohhhhhhhhhhh well FUCK THANK YOU FOR THAT LITTLE PIECE OF HORRIFIC THOUGHT ... SHIT

next hospital called at least didn't scare crap out of me and actually had couple of suggestions of how i could find out where he was, even though police hadn't been informed when i spoke to him they had perhaps been informed by now so try phoning the highway patrol... or try fire brigade they might know.

hang up .. phone rings .. given prior information to i want to answer??? ... 
pheeeeewww its him my latest victim ..
(by this point I'm thinking... if he says I'm fine again I'm going to fucking strangle him cuz i know damn well hes not) .. poor sod sounds like hes in hell, but hes able to tell me where he is

now .. whilst i thoroughly enjoy being a hermit there is times where it is damned inconvenient .. i know no bugger that i can call to get me down there, his family is the other side of town but not the type to give me a lift to the hospital, or be very gracious about being called before sun up. 

taxi time ... "what do you mean 40 dollars .. 40 FUCKING DOLLARS err yea ill get right back to you on that" ... sod it Craig's list ride share .. 28dollars.. pheeeeew... yea i know cost shouldn't matter at a time like this, but in the trucking game an accident usually = lost job no matter who if any is to blame.. there will be bills to pay, food to buy, extra expenses because of accident... medication

America lends new horror to accidents as well .. not only do you have to worry about your loved ones you have to worry about keeping the roof over there head through recovery cuz theres no grantee that theres going to be any help.

so hes conscious .. this is America so probably will be a patch up and discharge ... though of course this may take 24 hours to accomplish...

flask of coffee.. check....
book for him to read to stop him worrying whilst waiting.. check
fuck food they probably wont let him eat any way and i seriously don't got it in me to make a pack lunch
enough tobacco for 5 thousand smokes check.. (that should tide me over till taxi gets here)
my pain killers.. check (last thing we need is me being admitted as well, and Dr's tend to panic if ya yelp and fold over clutching yer abdomen, I'm guessing wouldn't be too good fer my fella to see at this point either)
fuck it swallow a handful of "precautionary"pain pills to be on safe side

it would possibly be a good idea to lock the door on the way out huh duhhh
O.M.G wheres my key.. im a hermit i don't go out on my own .. when i do go out its with him and we use his key .. where the fuck is mine ... house is already torn up with draw contents sprawled every where from looking fer works number.... frantic search through the scattered debris... no key... dump out the few remaining draws that escaped previous search ... my house by now looks like a disaster zone, if any one walked in they'd think id been burgled.. fuck it ill sort it all out when i get home... ahhhhh finally the key

double check its the right one

randomly pick up crap and throw it in the bag cuz it might be handy at the hospital ...
pace wildly through the destruction ... where he hells the Craig's list guy ... did he understand my accent ok?(i had trouble with his accent) did he take down the correct address? could he of miss heard me?

phone rings i jump out of my skin
its the Craig's list guy, hes at the gates of the complex .. sag with relief
i swear it felt like an hour waiting for him to get from the gates to my door
he had some one with him in passenger seat ...
i quipped that despite Scots reputation he didn't have to bring some one along for protection we weren't really that dangerous, well not usually any way .. and only under certain conditions.

thanking them both profusely we head off to the hospital with me apologising for dragging them out of their beds ... the poor souls had to endure me babbling inanely and randomly as i fought back terror, tears and flash backs to when last hubby was in i.c.u with god knows what tubes coming out of every orifice and scary bleeping machines

........ to be continued


  1. Wow, really hope everything gets better.

  2. Seriously, Widow, I don't know how you just didn't break down. o_O"


  3. This morning I read this and I just hope the second part gets better. If only I were closer so I could help.... Good to see you've got a few good people nearby, however. I'll keep you & yours in my prayers....

    Martin (@MartinGarza)

  4. Hoping things are seriously on the mend.

    I have to say I hate the medical system you have over there for while you have excellent services it's sadly not backed up being available to everyone. Hoping therefore you don't have to end up bankrupt just to get your fella better.

    Sounds like things are going to be hell if he's out of work because of the accident.

    Rooting for you. Don't be proud, be wise accept help where you can.

    Big hugs

  5. anon.. thank you for that

    barb...i had to much shit to get done, however once hes mended and found another job im looking forward to a bloody good break down ;-)

    steelers... awww thats sweet of you, its been kinda amazing total strangers are really restoring my faith in human nature.. theres a guy in dallas that only knows us through a few odd tweets hes offered to help me out with getting my shopping done this weekend, another one... the craigs list taxi guy is going to ask his lass if she can help getting our car back from work

    wilde.. gots to say im not a fan of the system here either .. thankfully the med costs will be covered through work mans comp, not sure what happens whist hes out of work .. way i understand it you have to be activly seeking work to get unemployment hes not going to be able to do that for a while.. i really do got to learn the ins and outs of the system here

    huggs to you all and thank you for your best wishes