Thursday, May 5, 2011


sooooo... iv been kinda bad at the blogging thing huh and i should of updated but damn things got a bit crazy this way

so here's the short update... thankfully they decided not to operate on his back and he got out of hospital a week later, complete with brace and strict orders to remain bed bound... so as you can imagine i didn't have much time to blog.
between tending him, the house, and my own crappy health i was rushed off my feet and pretty much collapsing into bed when ever i could (gently of course so as not to jar him)
leaving me feeling some what like this

my boys did offer to high tail it from ohio to help but i figured they were better off not interrupting their work schedule in case i needed help down the road and needed to bum money off them :-)
seriously though the financial ramifications over all this have been stressful as hell

 very very sweet of them to offer though

month later and hes finally up and about out of bed, though with a lot of assistance and the back brace
few months more and the brace was about to come off
he had to have his gallbladder removed
the thrashing about in pain set thing back a little
another hospital visit... and so much for avoiding an operation
back home some recoup and finally the brace came off
... hes now in physio and looking forward to being able to get back to work

can i please now make time to have a nervous breakdown?

seriously though i don't know how i would of made it through this with out the love support and encouragement of my kids
with out them my poor fella may of had to suffer through this on his own, there is no way i would of been able to accomplish everything that had to be done with out the emotional support from them fer the many phone calls from me where i just phoned up and burst into a bubbling heap of tears.... sorrrrry.
that was kinda embarrassing but you guys were great thank you.


  1. Sometimes, the only people we can count on is family, Widow. I'm just glad that your "victim" is feeling better.

    I think you deserve to have a nervous breakdown now, or even some Zombie Java. :-)


  2. some times with some familys not even them ... fellas folks live close by and he had not even one visit from them .. not even whilst he was in hospital

    and ohhhhh i could def do with some of that zombie java :-)